My name is Ayaka Watanabe. My major was International Relations and Peace studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in undergraduate. While I was learning those, I became interested in conflict prevention and post-conflict development. Also I came up with the question “How can people smile and live fulfilling life?” . In order to make “a world where people can smile and live fulfilling life” possible, in this Sishukan I would like to be a global leader who has broad perspective and


・Research Topic

The area once experienced the conflict is said to be prone to conflict again. In order not to develop into conflict again, post-conflict development is very important. It is also indispensable to heal the spiritual injuries that a person receives, as well as to set the social infrastructure. Water and food are necessary for survival, but it can also cause conflict at the same time. I am planning to conduct research on post-conflict development focusing on the Mekong River, an international river, based on the cause of conflict such as water.



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