Research Themes

-Global Scale Water Reseource Qualitative Assessment

Collected data with the Global Environmental Monitoring System, and through the global crop-yield modeling, estimated the present condition of water resources on a global scale. Also, through the development of Biwa-3D, a lakes & estuary model, continues to survey qualitative changes in the world’s lakes.

-Development of a debris flow prediction model (Hydro-debris 2D & 3D) through supercomputing (mathematical modeling) and physical modeling.

From the rainfall to the current study, developed prediction technology, experimented with steep sloped waterways, using high-performance computer to analyze the data.

-Earth and Ocean Interactions

Examined materials from the earth and ocean from various angles. Due to the nuclear power plant accident, examined and predicted polluted rivers.

-Assessed water resources by using remote sensing technology

Developed water quality observation technology by using satellite image processing.

-Habitable Earth and Goldilocks’ Zone Assessment


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